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Our Vision

Make India a sporting champion and spread a wave of healthy and active lifestyle. To inculcate in each kid, a passion and deep interest towards sports, and provide those already possessing exceptional talent a worthy launch pad to achieve their sporting dreams.

Our Mission

We pledge to lead the bandwagon and provide unparalleled services for school sports and sports events across India. Our aim is to challenge the infamous mindset that sports are good for the mind and body, but it cannot help you earn your daily bread. To help you see sports as a Career!

We are here to break the mental barrier of “age” related with sports, and create awareness about physical fitness through sports to people of all age groups. Seek out to us to help you achieve holistic development of personality.

Let’s get to know more about us!

We are a sports management and consultancy company known for our innovative ways of conducting exciting sports events. We provide a thorough package with end to end solutions ensuring a quality upshot and cost effective services. From managing officials to audiences, equipment to ground, permissions to glamourizing dreams, Playfree is your one stop destination.


Organizing a Sports Event? Leave it to the EXPERTS!

We understand the myriad of things that go into organizing and managing a sports event, be it a fun game show or an intense sporting battle! Ensuring each event finishes up to perfection, fulfilling client, sales, sponsorship and media objectives, is our prime motto. With sheer dedication, deep interest coupled with efficient management, we blend the desires of our clients with our expertise, to unveil a spectacular event.

Corporate sports events


To get a break from your stressful work life, playfree will be your partner-in-play for your fun day. We help the officials to administrate, organise, manage and promote their events. Our interactive and regular matches help discover the plethora of hidden and latent sports talent in vast corporate sector. After all, all work and no play definitely makes any official a dull man/woman. Come. Play with your colleagues and build stronger teamspirit.

Sports Consultancy


Kick out the notion of Sports not being a good career option! Join us and give your sports dreams and aspirations, a definite direction with our expert team’s guidance and counselling! We bring effective resource management with a wide network of sports relates contacts to get you the required exposure!

Fitness Bootcamp


Fitness has become vital part of our life. We make sure that it stays so but in a more fun young way. We come up with innovative, fun fitness boot camps according to your requirements and essentials. So if you are one of those who dreads that treadmill or if you like to hit the ground rather than hitting the gym, then this is your one stop destination. Our highly proficient trainers make sure you stay healthy in the most natural way through body weight training, functional training, diet consultation and much more.

Coaches outsourcing


Coaches give directions to our dreams; they mould a student into a player. We provide you with the best in field certified coaches around your desired area for your development in sports career. Have the infrastructure, facilities and students available but unable to find a reliable coach? Worry no more! Play free India understands the importance of effective guidance when it comes to sport, it can make or break a career. Our extensive network of sports persons and coaches aids us in providing you with the best that you are looking for.



A Marathon is all about personal growth, strength, and tenacity. As Joel Gheen said, the marathon is just beyond what the body can physiologically handle, but not impossibly beyond it. PSI Monsoon Run 2019 is hosting its first edition in Thane. Our marathons bear the message to Run for healthy & Fit lifestyle. So lace up and get to that finish line.

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